Your home is the place where you find yourself, of which you know every corner, every object and even every little flaw. It is the place where you are looking for serenity, protection and well-being.

Beyond every fashion, every trend and every rule, all that matters is that you fully understand what you really wish, what are the elements for which the space you have available does not meet your needs, and finally that you are able to turn it to the right home for you.

Who knows your lifeĀ better than you and can design your home at best?

In most cases we have limited resources: space is generally the most stringent one, but often the budget is tight, or the biggest constraint can be windows and brightness. This leads us to make choices according to our preferences and our taste.

There is no perfect house just as there is no right answer for every question, in the field of interior design. There is only one guideline:

the goal is to feel good and be satisfied.

There are people who cannot live without a large living area worthy of a magazine, furnished with a sofa and a chaise longue facing comfortable armchairs and don't care about the stiff neck they shall bear to turn around and enjoy the movie on TV, located in the far corner. They are glad so.

There are people who demand for an "industrial" style kitchen since it's cool, essential and without hanging cabinets, and then is forced to fill the closet in the corridor with pots and cans because the alternative would be to put them in the bedroom, since in the kitchen there are not enough containers to store them. But how proud of their kitchen they are.

There are people who dream of having a walk-in closet worthy of Carry of Sex and the City, even if this implies reducing the bedroom to a micro room with no bedside tables and fitting the double bed in a corner. With that walk-in closet they feel fulfilled.

There are people who, to have a swimming pool-sized hot tub, put the washing machine in the kitchenette, alternating the passage of dirty laundry with the pizza dough. But they still think that their mega tub is a must have!

To each his own home

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.

writer and poet

Personally, I consider the functional aspect fundamental, I live better in an airy room with large spaces for moving at the expense of furniture and objects; I don't care if a kitchen without hanging cabinets is trendy, if when preparing a tiramisu I don't have all ingredients and tools at hand. But this is my vision and it does not necessarily have to correspond to yours.

And it is in this spirit that I manage Home in progress: I will try to suggest the questions you should wonder with images, suggestions and ideas. You will be free to reflect and seek your answers.