Your home
is part of you

It is the place where you find yourself, of which you know every corner, every object and even every small defect.
It is the place where you are looking for serenity, protection and warmth.

In short,
it's the place
where you feel at HOME



Sentirsi a casa

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.


writer and poet

Sometimes it doesn't happen.
You feel a discomfort due to unease or dissatisfaction because the environment in which you live, is not aligned with what you are or what you want.
Sometimes, just that place that a few years before, was the house of your dreams, now suffocates you and no longer belongs to you.

This is the time to refresh.

As you change over time with experiences and new encounters, also your home has to change, preserving the memory of what has been, but, at the same time, adapting to small or large variations in your way of life.

With unlimited budget, surely everything is easier, but actually the size of the spaces or the economic value of the furnishings have little effect in order to live in an space that is welcoming, comfortable and above all, that you can feel yours.
What matters is to understand in depth what you want, why your home does not meet your needs and therefore transform it so that it becomes the right place for you.

Who more than you knows your life and can better transform your home?

Home In Progress

will try to accompany you along this path,
with inspirations, stimuli and suggestions
so that you can transform your home with a touch of style.