For about 25 years my business has ,been gravitating around the real estate world. I can say I know this multifaceted sector from different points of view and have understood both its charm and its complexities.

As an architect, I dedicate myself to the design of houses and then I supervise the work on site, committing myself to best interpret the client's wishes and needs.
As a real estate consultant, I advise my clients on the purchase of their homes by supporting them in the most important and delicate moments.
As a property manager, in past years, I have learned what it means to plan and organize the right maintenance strategy and the renovation of spaces so that they maintain, over time, or even increase, their value, their aesthetic characteristics and their functional performance.

This experience has allowed me to see and understand anxiety and doubts that beset a person when he decides to buy or to rent a house, or when he wants to renovate it, but does not know how to move.
I believe that the house, whatever its size, its typology or its position are, is a fundamental place for the life of each of us and it is important that everyone has the appropriate tools to fully understand his needs and to make the choices in line with his tastes and his modus vivendi.

With Home in progress, I'd like to achieve this goal: to provide stimuli, ideas and guidelines that help to better understand the world of interior design, home decor and architecture. So you can make the right choices in order to put in place the best project for your home.

It is not a question of replacing a professional who, to mature his competence, follows a long path of study, experience and continuous updating.
It's about understanding when the architect is really necessary and when instead, you can transform your home by yourself, with your means and creativity.