Springtime. Fresh air in the living room

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Progetto del soggiorno

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The season just begun, brings new light, vivid colors and sparkling air that feed the desire for novelty and change. It's the best time to renovate our home.

Unfortunately, this year, the emergency that keeps us at home and the concern for health, extinguish the enthusiasm.

Never give up!

Let's take out our energies and, let's get started.

Given the fact you can't go out to buy new things, you can shop online. I know, deliveries take a little longer than usual at the moment, but in the meantime, you can start planning and, as soon as possible,you'll turn your ideas, into something real.

Rinnovare il soggiorno

For many of us, the living room is the heart of the house. Therefore let's see how to transform it, to create a more welcoming and relaxing environment in which we feel at ease.
The first step is to understand what we don't like and which atmosphere we want to create. Let's stay by the door and try to go slowly through the space, looking around carefully. What is not working? Surely, there are things unnecessary or even annoying. Let's try to understand which they are.
May be that picture, hanging above the sofa, that has never completely convinced us? Or the old armchair we are fond of, which has a worn air for the signs of time? Or that cold light of the chandelier, the neutral color of the walls or finally the sideboard too full of ornaments?
With clear ideas about the most critical points, you can look for the most suitable solution.

Too many items in the room?
An ordered place will be more welcoming.
Surely, rearranging the cupboard, the bookcase or the drawers in the living room, you can get space for magazines, TV remote controls, pens or diaries left lying around. If you do not have closed furniture, you can use special boxes, covered with nice fabric maching with the colors of the walls, that will help you to decorate the room.

What to leave on the sideboard?
The right object can enhance your sideboard.
Try to put on it a bouquet of seasonal flowers or a plant with a refined vase that highlights it and you will see that that corner of the house will change its appearance.
If you don't have a green thumb, you can choose a decorative object that you are particularly fond of. Put just it on the table for a minimal touch that you will like.

Are we sure that the light is right?
With the LEDs you can choose the best shade.
Depending on the atmosphere you prefer, it is necessary to use the most suitable bulbs. To chose the bulbs, you have to read on the package, the Kelvin degrees . It indicates the color of the emitted light which can varies from white to warmer yellow. You can choose a warmer light for the corner of the sofa where you want to relax, for instance and for the desk, a white light might be more congenial to write and read.

Rinnovare il divano

Now let's think about the sofa and armchair
Broken cushions or threadbare fabric have a really negative impact on the living room and small decorative pillows or drapes will not be enough to liven up the situation. It is necessary to intervene by increasing the padding (there are suitable fillings or special materials to straighten the seat) and resorting to specific coverings that will renovate your furnishings.

Detached and impersonal environment?
Rugs and curtains are the solution
The right carpet will surely change the image of your living room and will welcome you in its softness when you want to sit on the floor, watching TV. In case of allergies, however, you will have to choose short-pile carpets on which it is easier to remove dust.
Another important element to give the right touch to your living room, is the curtain. Hanging long curtains of colors combining with the walls and furniture, will immediately give a warmer and more welcoming air.

Finally, a tip: think about the perfumes you would like to smell,  in your living room. Using a diffuser or scented candles, you will give an exclusive character to the house and make it feel even more yours.

Do you have any specific questions to ask? Write to Home in progress.

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