Renovation in Italy. What does CILA mean?

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Do you want to change your home layout and have heard you need an official consent called CILA?

You are wondering: What does CILA mean?

Well, that's what it means:

CILA "start of construction work asseverate communication" (Comunicazione di Inizio Lavori Asseverata) is the offical communication to be sent to the Construction Office (S.U.E, - Sportello unico per l'edilizia) of the Municipality where your unit  is located, in case you intend to carry out extraordinary maintenance works in your home, office or shop, by changing the internal layout.

The extraordinary maintenance works for which it is necessary to follow this procedure are therefore, the internal works to modify the rooms, through for example, the opening of doors or the movement of partition, provided that they do not concern the bearing structure of the unit.
So, if you want to renovate your home, expanding the bathroom, connecting the kitchen to the living space, or if you want to modify the dividing walls to create a storage space, for instance, CILA is the right procedure for you.

The CILA is governed by art. 6 bis of the Presidential Decree 380/2001 - Building Act (Testo Unico Edilizia) and is the practice to be used for various kind of works that you find listed on the website of the municipality of Milan.

CILA comune di milano

To operate in Italy, in other municipalities, I advise you to deepen the kind of works, by contacting directly the office of the same municipality or by consulting its website.

What are the documents to be delivered to the Construction Office of Milan (S.U.E, - Sportello unico per l'edilizia)  to start the work?

You have to send an official communication accompanied by a set of documents that must be drawn up and signed by a qualified professional.

In detail, for the municipality of Milan, it is necessary:

  • The Owner Form (Modello Unico Titolare) signed by the owner (or by whoever has the title);
  • The Technical Report (Relazione Tecnica di Asseverazione Unica), signed by your technician who must be a qualified professional, architect or engineer, who certifies under his own responsibility, compliance with current legislation, the building regulation and the territorial government plan, PGT ;
  • The graphic works, always drawn up and signed by the technician in charge;
  • Copy of your and your technician's identity document;
  • An annex, informally called Attachment 2 (Allegato 2), which contains data relating to the territorial government plan (Piano di Governo del Territorio, P.G.T.).

The forms to be presented are available for the Lombardy Region on this page, where you will also find further in-depth information.

Modulo unico titolare - Comune di MIlano

If the works you want to make, involve an increase in surface area, a change of use or involve the bearing structure, the CILA will not be sufficient but you will have to ask a specific building permit that requires more documentation and longer times.

At the end of the works you will have to deliver to the Municipality Office (SUE - Sportello unico dell'edilizia), the communication of the end of the works.

And then you will have to ask a qualified technician to provide the cadastral variation (Docfa).

All clear?

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