Home renovation. First steps

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Primi passi per rinnovare la casa

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Have you just bought a new house and are you thinking about a home renovation project to adapt it to your needs?

Or do you want to change the layout of your home, enlarging the living room by reducing the corridor, connecting the kitchen to the living area, or creating a walk in closet into the double bedroom?

Or again, do you find your apartment no longer functional and would you like a new project to stay better?

When it's time to make great works at home, it often happens that you don't know where to start.

To overcome disorientation, it's important to plan carefully:

To renovate your home, first of all, you have to understand the kind of works you want to make. If you don't change the layout and you want just to repaint the walls  and eliminate the cracks and irregularities that have formed over time, you do not need any official procedure. Not even if you intend to renovate the bathroom, changing sanitary ware and tiles or replacing the bathtub with a large shower.

In Italy, the works of "repair, renewal and replacement of building finishes" are works defined as "free construction activities" (attività di edilizia libera). You can find a detailed list on this page of the Municipality of Milan and do not require any regulatory compliance.

edilizia libera comune di Milano.

To operate in Italy but in other municipalities, I advise you to deepen the kind of works, by contacting directly the office of the same municipality or by consulting its website.

With clear ideas about the changes you want to implement, you can go directly to construction companies or single craftsmen to ask for quotation (it would be better to involve at least 3 of them, so you can make a small tender and get the best price).

I recommend tou: carefully select who will carry out the renovation work!

On the other hand, if you want a home renovation project to change the shape of the rooms by moving partitions walls, with demolitions and/or constructions, you must send a official communication to the Municipality in which your apartment is located. It's called "start of construction work asseverate communication"  (Comunicazione di Inizio Lavori Asseverata, CILA) and it has to be accompanied by a set of documents that must be drawn up and signed by a qualified professional.

At the end of the works you will have to deliver to the Municipality Office (SUE - Sportello unico dell'edilizia), the communication of the end of the works.

In addition, you will have to entrust a technician to register the cadastal variation to the land registry of buildings (Catasto Fabbricati) by presenting a practice called Docfa, accompanied by a plan of the new layout. If the changes made affect the number of rooms or the category of the unit, you will be assigned a new cadastral value to which you will refer for the payment of taxes.

If you decide to hire an architect who guides you through this process, the advice is:

involve the architect from the beginning of the process!

In addition to make the project, he will be able to give his contribution by the drawing up the list of works to be carried out (specifications and metric calculation), in the selection of the company and in the direction of the works, to ensure that they are performed to perfection in compliance with the project.

Any doubts ? Can I give you some suggestions? Write to Home In Progress.

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