Is sustainable design just a fad?

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Design sostenibile

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Looking at the history of design, we find a large and highly relevant production, designed by great Italian and foreign designers who have not dedicated any thoughts to the sustainability of the materials and the making process.
Objects that are milestones in the evolution of industrial design, have been made with materials that caused a strong environmental impact. They contain toxic substances for humans and at the end of their useful life, it will be impossible to recycle or rid of them, without leaving polluting residues.
Yet, these are creations by great designers of the past, that perfectly join form and function, making objects of daily use that are still attractive and modern to us today.

Why do we feel the need today to talk about sustainable design and respect for the environment?

Why, do we insist on the concept of "green" at any cost?

It is not a fad or fashion statement at all, but there is something more substantial behind it.
Over time, the social and cultural context has changed, people's needs, desires, ways of living and thinking have changed. While the functional specifications remain unchanged, the taste and the aesthetic value have changed and above all the ethical value of the object has become fundamental.
The product therefore, in addition to fulfilling its function in the simplest, most efficient and ergonomic way and presenting a harmonious and captivating shape, today must also be the result of a sustainable and respectful approach to the natural context, people and their interrelations.

Sustainable design does not only mean protecting the environment but also protecting and improving human health and well-being conditions.

In short, industrial design must be an activity aimed at creating objects of daily use that meet the functional, aesthetic but also ethical needs of the people who use them.

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